February 2019

For Everyone

The WorldWideWeb Rebuild

May 2018

More on Apple’s Cross-Platform API Project

April 2018

T-Mobile and Sprint to Merge

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee Release Final Report

Jackson Withdraws as VA Nominee

School District Prepares for Gun Violence With Rocks

December 2017

“Why People Really Want to Move to Idaho but Are Fleeing Its Neighbor, Wyoming”

Tax “Overhaul” Bill Passes Congress

Apple to Introduce Ability to Write Apps That Work on Both macOS and iOS

Comcast’s Infrastructure Investment

Democrat Doug Jones Wins in Alabama

Uranium Firm Urged Trump Officials to Shrink Bears Ears National Monument

Republicans Fret Over Tax Bill’s Unpopularity

Trump Administration to Scrap Airline Disclosure Rule

Republicans Trying to Discredit Mueller

Violence Between Palestinians and Israelis Following Trump’s Jerusalem Announcement

Volkswagen Executive Sentenced to Prison

September 2017

The Republicans’ Latest Epiphany: Punt

December 2016

“Democracy, Meh?”

“Political Moneyball: America’s Unfair Elections and the Republicans’ Art of Winning Them”

October 2016

Donald Trump Fact Checked in the Style of Arrested Development

Regular Expression Capture Groups in Swift 3 on Linux

August 2016

“Is Donald Trump Actually Trying to Win?”

Django Print SQL Middleware

“PyPy Gets Funding From Mozilla for Python 3.5 Support”

First Private Mission to the Moon

Frequent Password Changes Are a Bad Idea

July 2016

“When the Strong Outbreed the Weak”

Mash Up: Archer and Star Trek: The Animated Series

June 2016

“Space Yourself”

SyntaxError: Not a Chance

Comparing Google and Apple Maps

May 2016

A Brief History of the C Programming Language

Open Offices Are Terrible

Windows 95 on the Apple Watch

April 2016

Barbara Boxer on Carly Fiorina

You Are Quoting Shakespeare

Intel’s Layoffs Stem From a Bad Bet 10 Years Ago

Performance Reviews Don’t Improve Performance

“Performance These Days”

“The Problems With Forcing Regular Password Expiry”

Microsoft Edge Will Support VP9

The Myth Behind Open Offices

“In Defense of Webfonts”

March 2016

Linux Command Line Coming to Windows 10

Rare Example of Etruscan Writing Found

May 2010


Principled Compromise

I’m Glad Rudy Giuliani Is Not the President

April 2010

IE9 Will Support Html5’s Video Element but Only With H.264

Merge Late

“Its All About the Framework…”

Palm Said to Be Seeking a Buyer

@Font-Face Support on the iPad

“The Mobile Web vs. The Objective-C Web”

New United Motor Manufacturing Inc.

“The Kids Are All Right”

Joel Johnson Responds to Cory Doctorow About the iPad

“Why I Won’t Buy an iPad (And Think You Shouldn’t, Either)”

Quake II Running Entirely in the Browser

Simon Singh Wins His Appeal

iPad Ready

Stephen Fry Visits Apple and Reviews the iPad

March 2010

“Whatever Happened to Programming?”

February 2010

“Stop Selling Scarcity”

Font Squirrel’s @Font-Face Generator


January 2010

“13 Things We Want to See in iPhone OS 4.0”

Haiti and the Problem of Evil

Video Game Deficiency Disorder

Dive Into HTML5

The Rules of the United States Senate

November 2009

Healthcare’s Paralyzing Effect on Economic Growth


Is Purity Ever Really a Virtue?

Why Every Country Has a Different F#$%ing Plug

October 2009

MySQL Services From Amazon

On the Principle of Least Suprise as It Pertains to Double-Clicking Files

Unladen Swallow 2009Q3

Google Chrome for the Mac


September 2009

IEEE Finally Ratifies 802.11n

Inline Validation in Web Forms

August 2009

Stealing Intentionally

Amino Acid Discovered in Comet Dust

Guide to CSS in Email

Art and Copy

Americans Pay More for Wireless

What Else Are You Willing to Believe?

Managing UI Complexity

Tesla Motors Is Profitable

Switching Season

The IE Team Responds to the HTML5 Draft Standard

Internet Explorer 6

Ancient Arachnids in 3D

StarCraft II Delayed

Radical Transparency

The State of HTML5

What You Can Do With the New HTML5 Canvas Element

The Psychology of Confidence

Microsoft’s Edition Soup

Don’t Mope in Your Room

July 2009

Cellphone Consolidation Continues

A Tale of Two Dystopias

The Singular “They”

Heading Change Off at the Pass

The Unintended Consequences of SSL

The Cellphone Oligopoly

The Palm Pre and iTunes: The Saga Continues

Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule

The Mobile User Experience Is Miserable

Is Software Engineering Dead?


Moths Jam Bats’ Echolocation

Unladen Swallow 2009Q2

Science and the American Public

The Devil Is in the Details

Chrome OS and the Browser as the Operating System

Google’s Microsoft Moment