Tuesday, August 9, 2016

“PyPy Gets Funding From Mozilla for Python 3.5 Support” ↦

Mozilla recently decided to award $200,000 to PyPy as part of its Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) initiative. This money will be used to implement the Python 3.5 features in PyPy. Within the next year, we plan to use the money to pay four core PyPy developers half-time to work on the missing features and on some of the big performance and cpyext issues.

This is good news indeed. I’ve been using Python 3.x in all new projects for some time now. For a while, I was using pypy3 in those projects until my most frequently used library, Django, dropped support for Python 3.3 (which is the version that pypy3 currently targets). I’m looking forward to regaining the performance advantages of using PyPy.

Kudos to Mozilla for supporting open source software development. Hopefully other corporations and organizations will follow their lead.