Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Democrat Doug Jones Wins in Alabama ↦

Jessica Taylor reporting for NPR:

Democrat Doug Jones has won the Alabama Senate special election, a victory that was a stunning upset in a deeply red state that voted overwhelmingly for President Trump. The president, who had backed Republican Roy Moore despite multiple accusations of sexual misconduct and assault, congratulated Jones on Twitter.

It’s unfortunate that a pedophile and professional loony came so close to winning but in the end sanity prevailed, if only by 21,311 votes1 (as of this writing).

  1. If we define sanity as “could not bring oneself to vote for pedophile and professional loony Roy Moore” then we could include the write-in votes, currently totaling 22,777, as voting for sanity. But one could also interpret the write-in voters as saying, “I don’t want to be personally responsible for it, but I would rather risk pedophile and professional loony Roy Moore becoming a United States Senator than vote for a Democrat.” That attitude is undeniably better than a vote for Roy Moore, but it is still troubling.