Violence Between Palestinians and Israelis Following Trump’s Jerusalem Announcement →

Loveday Mor­ris and Ruth Eglash re­port­ing for The Wash­ing­ton Post:

Palestini­an pro­test­ers battled Is­raeli sol­diers on Thursday in Jer­u­s­alem, Ramal­lah and oth­er places in the West Bank and Ga­za Strip, one day after Pres­id­ent Trump an­nounced that his ad­min­is­tra­tion would re­cog­nize Jer­u­s­alem as Is­rael’s cap­it­al.


“This will be bad,” said an am­bu­lance driver as young men burned tires and pel­ted the sol­diers with stones.

If only someone could have pre­dicted that de­clar­ing Jer­u­s­alem to be Is­rael’s cap­it­al would in­flame ten­sions? I guess Jared Kush­ner has his work cut out for him…