“PyPy Gets Funding From Mozilla for Python 3.5 Support” →

Moz­illa re­cently de­cided to award $200,000 to PyPy as part of its Moz­illa Open Source Sup­port (MOSS) ini­ti­at­ive. This money will be used to im­ple­ment the Py­thon 3.5 fea­tures in PyPy. With­in the next year, we plan to use the money to pay four core PyPy de­velopers half-time to work on the miss­ing fea­tures and on some of the big per­form­ance and cpy­ext is­sues.

This is good news in­deed. I’ve been us­ing Py­thon 3.x in all new pro­jects for some time now. For a while, I was us­ing pypy3 in those pro­jects un­til my most fre­quently used lib­rary, Django, dropped sup­port for Py­thon 3.3 (which is the ver­sion that pypy3 cur­rently tar­gets). I’m look­ing for­ward to re­gain­ing the per­form­ance ad­vant­ages of us­ing PyPy.

Kudos to Moz­illa for sup­port­ing open source soft­ware de­vel­op­ment. Hope­fully oth­er cor­por­a­tions and or­gan­iz­a­tions will fol­low their lead.