Democrat Doug Jones Wins in Alabama →

Jes­sica Taylor re­port­ing for NPR:

Demo­crat Doug Jones has won the Alabama Sen­ate spe­cial elec­tion, a vic­tory that was a stun­ning up­set in a deeply red state that voted over­whelm­ingly for Pres­id­ent Trump. The pres­id­ent, who had backed Re­pub­lic­an Roy Moore des­pite mul­tiple ac­cus­a­tions of sexu­al mis­con­duct and as­sault, con­grat­u­lated Jones on Twit­ter.

It’s un­for­tu­nate that a pe­do­phile and pro­fes­sion­al loony came so close to win­ning but in the end san­ity pre­vailed, if only by 21,311 votes1 (as of this writ­ing).

  1. If we define san­ity as “could not bring one­self to vote for pe­do­phile and pro­fes­sion­al loony Roy Moore” then we could in­clude the write-in votes, cur­rently total­ing 22,777, as vot­ing for san­ity. But one could also in­ter­pret the write-in voters as say­ing, “I don’t want to be per­son­ally re­spons­ible for it, but I would rather risk pe­do­phile and pro­fes­sion­al loony Roy Moore be­com­ing a United States Sen­at­or than vote for a Demo­crat.” That at­ti­tude is un­deni­ably bet­ter than a vote for Roy Moore, but it is still troub­ling.