Comcast’s Infrastructure Investment →

Jon Brodkin, re­port­ing for Ars Tech­nica:

Com­cast yes­ter­day claimed that it will in­vest more than $50 bil­lion in in­fra­struc­ture over the next five years be­cause of the re­peal of net neut­ral­ity rules and the new tax over­haul.

But the num­bers show that Com­cast’s in­vest­ments soared while the net neut­ral­ity rules were in place and would hit the “new” mile­stone if its in­vest­ments con­tin­ued in­creas­ing by a mod­est amount.


Thus, if Com­cast con­tin­ues in­creas­ing cap­it­al ex­pendit­ures by the same rate as it did with net neut­ral­ity rules in place, the com­pany would eas­ily break the $50 bil­lion fig­ure that Roberts at­trib­uted to the net neut­ral­ity re­peal and tax break.

In­dustry-wide, cable broad­band speeds soared dur­ing the years net neut­ral­ity rules were in place.

Is any­one sur­prised that a ma­jor ISP with mono­pol­ies or near mono­pol­ies in sev­er­al mar­kets would be dis­hon­est about why it wanted net neut­ral­ity re­pealed?