Apple to Introduce Ability to Write Apps That Work on Both macOS and iOS →

Mark Gur­man re­port­ing for Bloomberg:

Start­ing as early as next year, soft­ware de­velopers will be able to design a single ap­plic­a­tion that works with a touch­screen or mouse and track­pad de­pend­ing on wheth­er it’s run­ning on the iPhone and iPad op­er­at­ing sys­tem or on Mac hard­ware, ac­cord­ing to people fa­mil­i­ar with the mat­ter.

The re­port is thin on de­tails as to how this would work, so the floodgates have opened for spec­u­la­tion. Some have sug­ges­ted that this means Macs are mov­ing to ARM pro­cessors. I think this move, however, is en­tirely un­re­lated to the pos­sib­il­ity of ARM-based Macs; a single app can con­tain mul­tiple bin­ar­ies, each com­piled for a dif­fer­ent pro­cessor. And such a trans­ition would take years, any­way, just like the trans­ition to In­tel pro­cessors.

I think this is much more likely to be the out­come of a uni­fied set of lib­rar­ies and APIs that will be avail­able on both plat­forms.